Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good time with children and the Root Glen Garden

I had a good time with the children in Jones School and in Kiddie Kampus.
Ms. Fess, 8 nursing students and I went to Jones School on a community health program. We worked with pupils of the first grade and kindergarten children. 

The pupils were so lovely. On the walls of the school, there were many pictures drawn by the pupils there. 

The nursing students talked to them about how to eat and drink healthy, encouraged them to drink much water, taught them to do physical exercises and had some games for them. 

 The pupils asked many lovely questions and said funny things. When the nursing students asked them to do physical exercises, they asked the pupils to touch their heart to see if their heart beat faster. Some pupils said yes, and one pupil said “No. My heart doesn’t beat!” Three adults laughed a lot!

They were very excited to do physical exercises!

 When the nursing students gave each pupil a bottle of water and encouraged them to drink water every day, they asked many unexpected questions: “What is water made of?” “What is there in the water?”…

I also had some activities with the children in Kiddie Kampus. Most of them are 4 or 5 years old. I taught them a Vietnamese song about numbers, but it was hard for the children to remember the Vietnamese words, so I translated the song into English, and they could sing it easily. Some children said they could speak Spanish, and they said “Hola!” Some talked about their shoes, their shocks, their sisters… 

I read a story, got them to color the pictures and had some games. One boy liked blue and used only blue to color his picture! One girl insisted to color only pictures of Tom and Jerry. Another girl didn’t like the crab and didn’t want to color the picture of the crab! How lovely they are! I love them.

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit Root Glen Garden in Clinton town. It was so beautiful, and the weather was so nice. There were flowers everywhere in the garden. It was very much like Da Lat City in Vietnam.

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