Sunday, April 28, 2013

New experiences

      In MVCC, the classroom atmosphere is more relaxed than that in Vietnam. In classrooms, students can wear shorts, hats and can eat something or drink coffee.  (In Vietnam, students are not allowed to eat and drink or wear shorts, hats in class. When the teacher comes into the class, all of the students will stand up to greet him or her.) In MVCC, I also have some chances to present about Vietnam, the students seem very interested and they ask many questions.

        The classrooms in MVCC are well-equipped with telephones, heaters, projectors, computers, rubbish bins and movable chairs… Students are encouraged to discuss, ask questions and have presentations in class. The students and teachers are from many parts of the world with many skin colors and various costumes. It is a good way for people to learn other countries’ cultures.

      I learned a lot from the way people display and affect everyone's awareness on the Earth Day (April 22) in IT lobby. People showed the model of water treatment and some banners to encourage everyone to save energy. 

     In the US, I have a chance to know the rules of a baseball game and experience the frozen lake and picnic with BBQ. I had wonderful time there.



      I also have a chance to enjoy a concert performed by the winner of American Idol with a lot of audience.