Monday, April 1, 2013

My first blog: My first impression about people at MVCC

Seven days is not a long time, but to me, the first seven days of my visit at MVCC seems to be a very long time. It’s not because I miss my family and want to go home, but because within these seven days, I met a lot of people and experienced many new things. I think it’s normal because whenever I return from a day trip, I recall what I did, what I saw at the early morning of that day and to my mind they seem to be the memories of some days before that, not of that day.
There are a lot of things I have experienced, but the most impressive one that will stay in my mind forever is that teachers and students at MVCC are very friendly, helpful and considerate. I don’t know how to thank Sandy for her devotion to me. When Sandy picked me up at Syracuse Airport, she gave me a bottle of water. She said she thought I was thirsty. I never thought of that. That was just a small act, but I was really moved by her thoughtfulness. Before going to the airport, Sandy had turned on the air conditioner and put a lot of food in the fridge in my dormitory room. Then the day after, she walked me around the school, introduced me to many people, and always asked me about my health, my jet lag, my food, my warm clothes, my electric adapter etc. … In the first few days, I’m like a baby bird in her arms or I’m just like her little granddaughter.

And everybody here is so friendly. It’s not like the stereotype I heard about New York people – unfriendly, they just walk and walk. But Sandy says people in Utica are not like those in New York! It seems everybody here knows my about visit and when they meet someone strange, they think it is me. Some days ago when I got out of the elevator, Leslie saw me and she said hello and she asked if I was Oanh. I didn’t know her at that time. Then she introduced herself and told me about my visit to her class on Friday and about my presentation on Monday. And the students in the dorm are also lovely. Last Tuesday when I got back to the dorm door, there were some students at the door too. I was looking for the card in my bag to get in, and a male student next to me used his card to help me make the door open. At that time I was embarrassed and didn’t know if I could come in with his card. I continued looking for my card and then a female student opened the door and smiled at me. I knew and I said thank you a lot to them.

Also, I have learned about a lot of new and helpful things like inter-library loan, Spanish food, American lunch of sandwich and soup, cheesecake of New York style, American working time without a nap at noon, blogs, pet hair cutting, Easter Day, and especially the extremely cold weather with a lot of snow.


  1. Oanh, do you take a nap at noon in Vietnam? If so, does everyone go home for the nap, or is there a place to nap at your workplace? I wish we could do that here. That's so sensible! It would refresh us for the rest of the afternoon's work.

    I promise you, the weather will eventually warm up. This winter has been particularly long and cold.

    I hope you will continue to have many more wonderful experiences here in New York. We're so glad to have you with us!

    Krista Hartman

    1. Hi,
      I replied your comment already but I'm not sure I sent it to you correctly!
      Yes in Vietnam we have two hours break from 11am to 1pm. We often have a nap at home. Most of us live near the school, so we go back home to have lunch and take a nap. I sometimes take a nap in my office or in the school kitchen. It's just a short nap but it helps a lot.
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      Good night!

  2. Hello Oanh,
    I remember enjoying my nap time in Vietnam very much. Sometimes on the weekend I still take a nap.

    Do you feel less tired in Utica because it isn't hot? Sometimes when it is very cold I get tired from shivering and trying to stay warm.

    I'm glad you are making friends and finding your way around the campus without too much trouble. I live and work in Syracuse, New York which is about a 1 hours drive away.

    I am teaching nursing students at Onondaga Community College and will be taking some of my students to Guatemala in December.

    Now that I have begun traveling and making friends in far away places I want to keep doing that. It's very exciting to learn how other people live and to see new places.

    I hope you don't get too home sick though. It is difficult to be away from your family, friends, and everything familiar.

    1. Congratulations on your new job!
      In Utica, I am always cold, but I can wear a big sweater to keep warm. I am not tired as you were when you were in Vietnam. I know you felt very uncomfortable with the hot weather there.
      I miss my son now :(
      Bye. Have a good night!

  3. Hi Again Oanh,
    I think you are an amazing woman to be able to travel so far away. You are much braver than me. I would have been too nervous to travel to Vietnam without Sandy.

    If your room is warm enough for you at night, just let Sandy know. Other visiting professors have complained of being cold at night. Sandy will find more blankets for you.

    I know you are probably sad at times and really miss your little boy. What a happy day it will be when you see him again! As he grows up you will be able to tell him all about your exciting travels to the United States. He will know how special, smart, and brave his mother is. Goodnight, Lee