Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trips to Washington, DC and New York City

I had great time when visiting Washington, DC and New York City last weekend and this weekend. There was so much fun with the teachers and students in MVCC. I have known many places that I have learned in university and read in books about the US.
In DC, it was much warmer than Utica, so there were a lot of flowers, green grass and trees along the street, and the sight was so beautiful.

The international students and I visited many famous places in DC: Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, Woodley Zoo/Park, National Aquarium, National Mall and Cherry Blossom Festival…
There were many people in Lincohn Monument and this is a picture of the international students and me.

Many interesting cultural activities were held during the Cherry Blossom Festival...


... and the cherry flowers were so beautiful there.


I saw a lot of animals in the National Zoo/Park, especially panda bears. They are so lovely.

 In New York City, I saw the Empire State Building, Grand Central, the Museum of Sex and attended 'Poetry Reading' in a cozy cafĂ©.
There were many tall buildings and a lot of people walking on the street in New York City.

This is a picture of Sara and me in a park near the Museum of Sex.

This is me with the tulips ...

... and the Empire State Bulding...

and in Grand Central with a student of MVCC.

These trips are one of my invaluable experiences in my visit here.




  1. It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I wish I had a chance to see you before you head back to Vietnam. Please say hello to all my friends at KGCC. Lee Berg

    1. Hi Ms. Lee,
      How are you? how's your job now?
      I have a good time here, and I experience many new things here, but I miss my family so much.
      I hope to see you again.

  2. Hi Miss Oanh,
    I am enjoying my new job very much. It is very close to where I live. I am still able to teach nursing students. Tomorrow I will be teaching my students how to help women give birth. I hope some of them will get to see a baby born.

    I missed my family a lot too when I was in Vietnam. Thank goodness for computers. At least you can send pictures and email. That makes it a little bit less difficult to be away from home. You must be getting very happy that it is almost time to go back home to your family. You will miss all your new friends at MVCC, but it will be good to see your own family again. Best wishes for safe travels, Lee

  3. Ms. Oanh,

    Your trips to NY and DC sound very interesting! I hope to get to the Cherry Blossom Festival one of these years. I really enjoyed the pictures that you posted too!
    Colleen K-R

    1. Thank you. Thank you for helping me during my stay in MVCC. I hope to see you again.